In the era of the Anthropocene, it is urgent to draw inspiration from the living to better perceive our relationship to the world.
In my series called “Les Possibles”, I observe the evolutionary processes of life, to transcend them  in compositions at the crossroads of natural forces and human perceptions. I try to translate the flow of this perpetual movement which, imperturbable, crosses us and escapes us.
Contrary to so-called “traditional” painting, my raw material is the paint itself: projections, superimpositions, drips, scrapings completely cover the canvas, and constitute the soil on which I then install silences, by erasures and transparencies, like so many vital breaths. I hollow out my composition like a sculptor would a block of raw material. I thus attempt to capture a balance between positive and negative spaces, a rhythm inherent in each work, which finds its own principle of life, condensed, reinvented.








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